About Us


Just Cats Clinic is a feline only veterinary hospital offering a variety of cat friendly options that help you and your cat have a more comfortable visit. We strive to make your visit as stress free as possible with a quiet environment and floor to ceiling windows in all our exam rooms and boarding facilities to help your cat feel more at home.

No more sitting in the waiting room with barking dogs, which can leave you and your cat feeling grouchy. If your cat is traditionally grumpy at the vet, a switch to a feline only practice can help make the “fight or flight” response decrease. But, don’t worry, if your cat is difficult to work with, we believe in minimizing their stress and fear with sedated exams. We never like seeing your cat upset and stressed, and in some cases, sedated exams are the safer alternative for your furry friend and our staff.

We pride ourselves on longer appointment times to make sure we have the appropriate time to work with you and your cat. We strive to have every client and patient leave with all questions answered, and the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding their cat’s care. As the owner, you are a crucial part of your cat’s healthcare team!

We know how busy you are and how important your time is. Longer appointments also help minimize wait time and keep us on schedule. We offer drop off appointments so that you can still make it to work on time and your feline friend can get the medical care they need.

All of our doctors and staff are passionate about cats! We love them just as much as you do. Our staff is fully trained in feline handling and care and participates in monthly continuing education on feline health issues and behavior. Read more about our owner, Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles, in the Mr. Bear section.

Our motto at Just Cats Clinic is “Live Beyond 9 Lives”, and we strive for that for every patient. To not only extend their years, but the quality of those years as well.