Preventive Exams and Care

Preventive care is an essential part of your cat’s healthcare plan to help them Live Beyond 9 Lives. At Just Cats Clinic we recommend annual exams and vaccinations for cats under the age of 7. For senior cats, age 8 and older, we recommend preventive exams every 6 months and lab work annually. We customize your cat’s health care plan to meet their specific needs and lifestyle. For example, we only vaccinate for feline leukemia for cat’s that are at risk.

As part of preventive care, our veterinarians do a full body examination including a thorough check of your cat’s health. At each examination, our veterinarian will check the following:

  • Body condition score: Checking your cat’s weight and body condition on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being too thin and 5 being too heavy
  • Coat condition: Checking if your cat’s coat is dry, oily, has any dandruff and whether your cat is grooming itself regularly
  • Eyes : Checking for any abnormalities and assessing vision
  • Ears: Checking for any debris
  • Mouth: Checking dental health including plaque, tooth decay, gingivitis and overall gum health
  • Heart and Lungs: Listening for any abnormalities and assessing any heart murmurs
  • Abdomen: Palpitate abdomen feeling for any abnormalities and checking for changes in size of liver, kidneys and the large/small intestine
  • Pain Assessment: Checking on a scale of 0 to 4 by applying pressure during examination at certain points and watching for reaction with 4 being very painful and 0 being no sign of pain
  • Walk/gait: Checking for any stiffness or abnormality when walking/jumping; looking for signs of pain or potential joint disease

By performing lab work annually, we may be able to spot underlying disease processes and create a treatment plan before symptoms become severe.