Our mission is to build the most feline-centric veterinary practice in Northern Virginia, and with our new expansion, we are achieving that goal. Our Just Cats Clinic team is devoted to providing our feline patients with the most compassionate, skilled care available. Learn about the new and improved services our growing facility offers cats and their families.

#1: Our new expansion has a convenient location for cats and their owners

When many businesses expand, their clients have to travel across town or to a different city to access new services or amenities. Not so with our Just Cats Clinic expansion! Our new facility is directly across the parking lot from our current location. By being able to expand so close to our original home, we offer additional services by providing a one-stop shop for all things feline. Doing so enables us to give your cat top-notch care without requiring you to travel to a distant location.

#2: Our new expansion gives us more room to provide cat care

Although our feline patients are small, the equipment needed to provide our patients with gold standard veterinary care seems enormous. Our new space is double our current square footage, which gives us more options to design surgical space and exam rooms. All this extra space enables our team to schedule more daily appointments and surgeries. 

The increased office area easily doubles our daily capacity for appointments and surgeries, so we can reduce or potentially eliminate our appointment waiting list, which will allow us to care for your cat sooner. By having the ability to schedule appointments more efficiently, you will not have to find veterinary care elsewhere because our team is overbooked.

#3: Our new expansion allows us to provide around-the-clock cat care 

In the past, our urgent care facility could only offer evening and limited weekend hours. By expanding our facility, we’re also able to expand our urgent care services to 24 hours per day. Rather than having to transfer hospitalized patients to a nearby emergency veterinary hospital for overnight care and monitoring, we can now provide that service in our own facility. 

With around-the-clock service capability, we can provide continuous care, ensuring all patients receive all recommended treatments, and because cats do not have to transfer to another facility, they avoid extra stress. In addition, because we now offer extended hours, your cat can receive veterinary care based on your schedule.

#4: Our new expansion allows us to provide more cat care services

Since Just Cats Clinic began serving patients, our goal has been to provide gold standard feline health services within a seamless continuum of care. By expanding our facility, our team can provide additional services, including:

  • Advanced surgeries — Larger surgical suites provide more room for state-of-the art equipment, allowing us to perform procedures above and beyond typical general practice surgeries, such as spays, neuters, and minor mass removals. In addition, we will no longer have to outsource many of the more technical procedures, because highly specialized veterinary surgeons will also be able to perform advanced surgeries in our newly expanded facility.
  • Specialty services — Because we have more exam rooms, our team members have the space to offer both general wellness care and more specialized services. As our hospital grows, we may offer appointments with various veterinary specialists who visit weekly or monthly. If demand necessitates, we may form our own specialty departments (e.g., internal medicine).

#5: Our new expansion provides improved feline boarding accommodations

While cats generally prefer their own home’s comfort, security, and familiarity, we are striving to replicate that cozy feeling in our updated boarding accommodations. Our boarding services will remain in our current location on the plaza, but we will increase the number of feline guests we can house in condos that include window views and in larger suites. By having the ability to cater to cats’ unique needs, we can ensure their comfort and happiness while they are at their home away from home.

We look forward to showing you and your feline friend our new facility and describing our additional services and amenities that have been designed to improve your cat’s quality of care. Schedule your cat’s next appointment with our Just Cats Clinic team and visit our new space!