Kim grew up on a dairy farm where she spent time with animals big and small. She could often be found with a garter snake in hand or saving chipmunks from the neighborhood cats. She’s always had the desire to save any animal she comes across.

Kim’s realization that she wanted to work with animals came from her experience in June 2017 when she found a two-week-old kitten she took home and named Gemma. Gemma was very sick with pneumonia and a severe eye infection. She was given a very poor prognosis. Kim felt helpless not knowing how to save her. Gemma was Kim’s motivation to get into this field and learn as much as she could. Kim worked for two years as a receptionist and vet assistant at another hospital before coming to Just Cats Clinic. Her passion is working with cats, especially the most vulnerable.

While not at work, Kim enjoys sculpting, reading, hiking, playing video games, and spending time with her cat Gemma, dog Merlin and husband Colin.