Feline Dentistry

Live Beyond 9 Lives™️

Slide Live Happier, Live Healthier Just Cats Clinic offers dentistry services including dental cleanings, full mouth radiographs, dental sealants, and extractions when necessary. All dental procedures are done under general anesthesia with vital signs including temperature, heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels carefully monitored by our staff. All dental procedures, regardless of whether extractions are expected, get full mouth dental radiographs to check for any potential issues that may not be visible upon examination. A complete oral examination is also performed to check for any abnormalities.

Teeth are cleaned thoroughly with an ultrasonic scaler and then polished. We also measure gum pocket depth to assess overall gum health. For any extractions that are needed, local blocks are used to minimize any potential discomfort or pain when your cat wakes up from anesthesia. Pre and post radiographs are used to ensure all of the extracted tooth and root were successfully removed and that no pieces were left behind that could potentially cause pain. We also use our Class IV laser on all gum tissue while your cat is recovering to help with any inflammation. All cats that have extractions will be given pain medication to ensure they are as comfortable as possible while they recover.