Summer fun is just around the corner! When the temperatures start going up, it’s important to keep your pets safe from the heat. While we typically hear more about dog summer safety, cats are at risk for overheating and dehydration as well. This week, we’ll share some tips and ideas to keep your cat safe and cool.

1) Whether your cat is indoor or outdoor, make sure to keep fresh cool water available at all times. For outdoor cats, add ice cubes to the water bowl to keep it cold longer.

2) If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, keep a fan and shady spots available for your cat. The best rule of thumb is that if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your cat.

3) Avoid taking your cat with you in the car in the summer unless it’s absolutely necessary. Never leave your cat in a parked car – even if you put the windows down and park in the shade, it’s still too hot!

4) Summer storms can be scary for your cat. Loud thunder can spook your kitty so be sure to keep a safe space they can hide. For outdoor cats, make sure if they get stuck in a storm, they have a safe dry place to take refuge.

5) While most cats typically don’t need a lot of regular grooming, brushing or using a Furminator brush regularly can help keep your cat cool in the summer time by removing the undercoat.

6) For a fun treat, you can drain the water off your cat’s wet food or use tuna juice and freeze it in an ice cube tray. It’s delicious, keeps them cool, and it’s fun to bat around.

7) Before your open the windows, make sure to repair or replace any damaged screens to prevent your cat from getting out.

8) Keep up with your cat’s monthly flea and heartworm preventive.  We cannot stress the importance of this enough. There is no treatment for feline heartworm disease – only prevention. Help your cat avoid external and internal parasites and don’t miss a dose!

9) Breeds with flat faces like Persians or Himalayans are more likely to overheat because they aren’t able to pant as effectively. Be sure to keep them in air-conditioning and limit sun exposure. Additionally, cats with lung or heart disease, seniors and overweight felines should be kept cool as much as possible.

10) If you plan on traveling, make sure to get a responsible petsitter or use a trusted boarding facility, like Just Cats. It’s important to keep your cat’s routine the same as much as possible to avoid stress. If you plan on traveling with your cat, talk to your vet about a microchip. It’s a quick appointment and could mean the difference for reuniting with your cat if they were to get lost. You can see more travel tips in our previous blog: Traveling with your Cat: Tips to Keep it Stress-free

11) For a fun game that entertains and keeps them cool, try playing go fish. Fill up a bowl or sink with cool water and place a few toys that float or ping pong balls for your cat to bat. You can even try putting a treat on one of the toys for an extra treat. While not all cats will be impressed, a few will have a blast.

Stay cool, enjoy the sunshine, and we hope you have a pawsitively purrfect summer!