Cats typically aren’t party animals, but that doesn’t mean you should let your feline friend’s birthday go unnoticed. To avoid stressing your cat, avoid hosting a large, boisterous gathering of friends and family. However, you still have tons of options to help make your whiskered pal’s birthday special. Before planning the big event, carefully consider your cat’s personality, habits, and favorite foods, toys, and activities to make their day perfect. Follow our Just Cats Clinic team’s tips to enjoy a fun and safe birthday celebration with your four-legged friend. 

#1: Bake a cat-friendly cake for the big day

What’s a birthday celebration without cake? While your feline friend shouldn’t have the large amounts of sugar, fat, and calories birthday cakes for humans usually include, you can easily make your own cat-friendly cake from scratch. Pick out a flavor that’s sure to please your whiskered pal, such as tuna or chicken, and mix that up with other tasty ingredients for a delicious treat.

Avoid putting candles on your cat’s cake. Your inquisitive feline friend is likely to sniff at or paw the flame, so keep your whiskered pal safe by decorating the top of their cake with catnip sprinkles or shredded treats.

#2: Make a homemade toy for your cat

You don’t have to shell out big bucks on your cat’s birthday presents. The little things can make them happy, especially when you make toys that cater to their interests. Depending on your cat’s preferred mode of play, you may want to craft a toy that encourages stalking, pouncing, or foraging. You can also whip up a few different options to give your cat variety. Toys that mimic your cat’s favorite prey, whether a bird, mouse, or bug, are also feline favorites. You can use cardboard boxes, water bottles, old socks, and plenty of treats to create various toy types that will engage and entertain your whiskered pal.

If you prefer to purchase your cat’s birthday present, you can also spoil them by giving your furry friend all their favorite things. Open a fresh bag of their most-meowed-for treats, give them a new food puzzle to engage their mind, and replace their catnip mouse with a brand-new one.

#3: Pamper your cat

Although you spend every day ensuring your cat knows they’re the center of your world, give them extra attention on their birthday. Spend plenty of time pampering your feline friend and provide comforting and cozy touches throughout the day to make the celebration perfect. Set aside time to groom your cat from whiskers to tail to help them look their best on their big day, and finish off the grooming session with a relaxing massage. Place a cozy blanket in your cat’s favorite lounging area in the sunshine, and let them soak up the warmth during their birthday catnap. 

#4: Have your cat’s portrait taken

Parents commonly have their children’s professional portraits taken each year on their birthdays, so why not follow the same tradition for your cat? While your selfies and photos with funny filters are adorable, a professional pet portrait is priceless. Most professional pet photographers will come to your home and snap your feline friend while they are in action. Consider dressing in a garment that matches your whiskered pal’s collar, such as a tiger-print shirt that is in the same pattern and color, so you end up with a portrait of you and your special pal twinning! After the pictures have been printed, create a scrapbook that contains memories from over the years, along with each year’s birthday portrait. 

#5: Schedule your cat’s veterinary wellness visit

The perfect present to give your cat is the gift of good health. Schedule your whiskered pal’s regular veterinary wellness visit. While your cat may not appreciate a car ride in their carrier, nothing is more important than keeping your feline friend in good health via annual or biannual preventive care appointments. Cats’ physical exams and early detection screening tests are especially crucial, as they are notorious for being sly, sneaky, and mysterious creatures, capable of hiding illness and disease until their condition becomes a serious problem. These wellness care services can pick up on problems early in the disease process, and can potentially prevent your furry friend from becoming extremely ill. 

Your cat’s birthday is the time to give them the gift of great health. Schedule your feline friend’s wellness visit with our Just Cats Clinic team.