Did you know that Just Cats Clinic is among the 15% of veterinary hospitals in the United States accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association? AAHA is a nationally recognized organization that helps veterinary practices operate and maintain the highest levels of client and patient care. We’re proud to have been accredited since 2014!

What standards does AAHA evaluate?

To become accredited, a veterinary practice must agree to be evaluated according to 900 different industry standards. These include quality of care, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals options, team managements, anesthesia, medical record keeping, safety and the facility and practice in general. After the initial inspection, the hospital will be re-inspected every year to make sure they meet expected standards.

What does choosing an AAHA hospital really mean for me and my cat?

When you choose an AAHA hospital, you are providing your cat with the highest quality of care. You can count on AAHA vets and staff members to be up to date with the latest research, techniques, and practices. We’ll always do what’s best for your cat through low stress handling, thorough examinations, alternative therapies, and fast diagnostics. You can trust that your cat is receiving the highest industry standard in anesthesia, contagious diseases, dentistry, pain management, general patient care, surgery and emergency services.

For example when your cat comes in for an exam at an AAHA hospital, we don’t simply look them over and give vaccines. At Just Cats, we examine your cat from head to tail, examining every inch to ensure we don’t miss anything on physical examination. At every exam we check your cat’s body condition score, coat condition, eyes, ears, mouth and dental health, heart and lungs, abdomen, pain assessment, and their walk/gait. In our seniors, we’ll also check a blood pressure every 6 months. When you choose an AAHA hospital you can count on your vet to be thorough and comprehensive which means you can feel comfortable that their recommendations are the best for your cats.

Additionally, AAHA sets recommendations for continuing education for veterinarians and staff to ensure they are up to date on the latest research and education. At Just Cats, we follow those standards and require them for all full time employees– from our client care team all the way up to the veterinarians. Veterinarians are required by Virginia to obtain 15 hours of continuing education to maintain their license. AAHA recommends 50 hours of continuing education annually for vets and at Just Cats Clinic, we require a full 50 hours!

What does having an AAHA accreditation mean for the hospital itself?

It means that when you and your cat visit an AAHA hospital, it’s a state of the art facility with cutting edge diagnostics and tools. We constantly assess protocols and procedures to make sure the practice runs smoothly on every level. It also means the hospital is following the strictest cleaning and infection control guidelines. At Just Cats, we maintain a clean and organized hospital so you and your cat feel comfortable while you’re here for your visit.