"Cat— short for Catherine, has been working in the Veterinary field since 2013. She began working as a receptionist and shortly after realized she would like to be more hands on which began her training as a Veterinary Assistant. She is always sharing her love and knowledge of animals in and outside of work. Cat [...]

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Claire has been an animal lover her whole life, having grown up with cats and a dog. Claire graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor's in communication. After college, Claire found that she loved helping people and their pets, which led her to her role as a Client Care Specialist. She came to Just [...]

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Kim grew up on a dairy farm where she spent time with animals big and small. She could often be found with a garter snake in hand or saving chipmunks from the neighborhood cats. She’s always had the desire to save any animal she comes across. Kim’s realization that she wanted to work with animals [...]

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Melanie has been working in the veterinary field since 2019. She has always loved and been around animals as long as she can remember. Melanie is currently in college studying for her degree in Business. Melanie shares her home with her four dogs Leo, Gabbana, Dolce, Chanel and her two cats Lulu and Kali. In [...]

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Caitlin grew up in Massachusetts in a household that was always bustling with the activity of her four sisters and a constant menagerie of pets large and small, furry, feathered, and scaly. She then lived in Connecticut for three years before moving to Virginia in 2017. Though most of her professional experience before joining Just [...]

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Alina has been a lifelong animal lover. Growing up with dogs and beta fish, she always had an interest in working with animals. Her first job was working in boarding and at the front desk of Montrose Pet Hotel and Animal Health Center, which she did for four years. In her personal time Alina has [...]

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Aura has always been a cat person. She graduated from West Virginia University with a B.S. in Biology 2018 and went on to work in the veterinary field the same year. At her previous hospital, Aura was the Fear Free Ambassador for the team and enacted new stress-reduction tactics to keep the vet experience as [...]

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Emma has dreamed of working with animals her whole life. She loves all sorts of animals, which is why she studied Organismal Biology at Christopher Newport University and had minors in Leadership Studies and Environmental Studies. She has been working the veterinary field since 2020, and loves the chances she gets to further her knowledge. [...]

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Jess started at Just Cats in October of 2022. Jess’s background in medicine was inspired by her mom who let her read her nursing text books growing up. She started loving animals when she was introduced to her childhood dog at the age of 9. After that point she decided to combine her two favorite [...]

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Sam grew up on a farm with multiple species of animals, big and small, and has always had a love for them. She started working as a volunteer in the animal care field when she was 12 years old. Once she turned 16, she began her career as a veterinary assistant. Sam joined the Just [...]

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