It’s no secret that cats don’t adapt well to change, especially when they’re uprooted from their cozy surroundings and stuck in a kennel surrounded by barking dogs. Unfortunately, many pet boarding facilities do not have special accommodations for sensitive felines, but at Just Cats Clinic, our entire facility is dedicated to cats—no barking dogs anywhere in earshot. We understand these unique creatures and work diligently to reduce the natural stress and anxiety they feel in a new place. When searching for a home away from home to board your cat, look no further than our purrfect luxury boarding suites. After a quick tour of our facility—and your cat’s glowing recommendation after their stay—you’ll understand why our suites are the cat’s meow. Here are five reasons why your feline friend won’t want to board anywhere else.  

#1: Your cat is catered to by dedicated staff

When your cat stays with us, their every need will be met by our dedicated support staff. We have two team members whose sole duty is caring for our boarding guests, so their attention never wavers from your pet. Our designated cat caretakers quickly become familiar with your cat’s particular quirks and personality, and spot any behavior or appetite changes, ensuring they have a more comfortable stay and receive any special care they need.

#2: Your cat will enjoy a spacious kitty condo during their boarding stay

Your cat will delight in our spacious kitty condos that include a separate “bathroom,” so your cat will not have to sleep right next to their litter box. Our luxurious suites also provide ample room for your cat to stretch, move around, and eat away from their bathroom area. For more active kitties, we have condos with an additional climbing tower.

#3: Your cat will appreciate our feline-friendly atmosphere

Many cat and dog combination boarding facilities fail to cater to their feline guests’ needs. Harsh cleaning chemicals, bright lighting, and minimal soundproofing can be extremely stressful for cats and many dogs. Here at Just Cats Clinic, we’ve embraced the idea that cats require a totally different environment from typical boarding facilities to be comfortable and relaxed. We’ve designed the ideal atmosphere with natural lighting, soft classical music, and pheromone diffusers to soothe, comfort, and calm your cat. 

#4: Our highly skilled team can administer medications while your cat is boarding

Not many veterinary hospitals also provide boarding arrangements for their patients, turning them into guests. But, who better to watch over and care for your cherished cat than veterinary professionals? Our dedicated caretaking team is highly skilled in all aspects of feline behavior and health, which allows them to quickly detect abnormalities in a cat’s condition and provide veterinary help. In addition, our team has been trained to correctly dose medications, provide treatments, and closely monitor pets who require medical care. If you’re having difficulty finding someone who can properly care for your cat with diabetes or kidney disease, look no further than Just Cats Clinic.

#5: Watch your cat enjoy their condo

When you travel for work or vacation, a part of your mind—and heart—is always left behind, because you are concerned for your cat’s well-being. We know that leaving your beloved cat is incredibly difficult, but many cats simply do not travel well, and a feline-friendly boarding facility is their best option. However, that does not mean that you do not need to see for yourself how your cat is faring while you’re away. Because our special condos are outfitted with webcams, you’ll never have to wonder what your cat is up to, or how they’re being cared for. 

As a cat lover, you want your furry companion to receive nothing but the best, but unfortunately, many boarding facilities do not cater to their feline guests. Avoid mixed-species boarding facilities and choose the calm, relaxing environment here at Just Cats Clinic. Call our team to reserve your cat’s stay.